Chris, Y U No hair?!?

SOMEONE in DOCS thought it was time I tried to live a normal life.

In other words; “kid, you’ve got to get your arse to school instead of raking leaves all day at your foster home.”

I asked to go back to my old school. If DOCS officers were as stupid as I thought they were, they would say “yes, Chris, okay” and I’d say “ha ha! I was home schooled, b–tch. Take me home please!”

It didn’t work.

So I asked to go back to St Josephs, the Catholic school I’d attended before home school.

That’s when I learned being expelled means you can never, ever go back.

The psychologists and my foster mother Hazel decided it would be best if I went to Frederickton Primary. It was only a 20 minute bus ride away.

The night before I was due to start at the new school, I grabbed scissors, retreated to my room and cut all my hair off. I did not show my new hairdo until 15 minutes before I was due to leave for school.

“Taadaah!” I said to my 60-year-old foster mother.

This would give me a day or two at least, I thought.

Y U NO Hair meme


A DOCS officer took me to town and arranged me to have another haircut at the barbers, to get it evened out.  Then I went straight to school.

But it was worse now. Because I was two hours late for school. Instead of easing in at the start of the day, the class’s attention was all on me as I was introduced by the school principal.

I anticipated the taunts.

Psycho! Weirdo! Loser!

Instead they all fought for me. “Sit next to me, Chris! Next to me!”

I picked my spot, confused at the positive attention.


One thought on “Chris, Y U No hair?!?

  1. You make me smile. 🙂 I don’t want to make light of your situation growing up – it sounds like it was a lot to handle and not one anyone that age should have to deal with but I like the tone you take and it sounds like you’ve learned from the circumstances and that’s great.


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