My best friend is the school captain, and that’s funny

Among the hilarious contradictions of real life,  I was tight with the school captain.

We weren’t gay about it. But it was still a great friendship. We made it work, despite his seriousness and my behavioral problems.

What we have in common:

  • We catch the same bus.
  • We both live the same distance from each other, which is about three kilometres.
  • His mother is good friends with my foster mother, and they both love horses.
  • We’re not fans of horses, unless they are Ponytas or Rapidashes Rapidashs Rapidash? Dammit. I never get the plural of Pokemons Pokemon correct. We tell Pokemon jokes. Such as:

How do you get Charizard on a stick? You Poke Him On.

Yawn. You’ve heard it. I know. So we invent our own Pokemon jokes that nobody but us can get.

How come Exeggcute always wins at beauty contests? Because eggs are cuter Exeggutor!

slowpoke meme2


But what we don’t have in common:

  • His name is Joel. My name is Chris.
  • Joel lives with his mum and his sister. I don’t live with his mum and his sister, although I stay over sometimes.
  • He is smart in every subject. I barely know what subjects we have.
  • Joel is in Year 6. I am in Year 5.
  • I have temper tantrums and run away and climb trees to hide. Joel is usually asked by the principal to persuade me to come down from the trees.


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