The perverse school discos where I invented Gangnam Style

THE school council always arrange fundraisers, but the same ideas are rehashed from the previous year.

Like wearing jeans on the last day of school. Or crazy hair day. Or school discos. Those are fun. And all you need to do is provide a gold coin for participation.

We have a school disco at lunch on the last day of term. We’re all in school uniform, a red short sleeved polo shirt and black shorts, so the atmosphere is wild!

The student councillors are the judges. They stand on the stage and watch us do the conga line. And the heel and toe. And the macarena. Sickos.

grinch meme


The boys and girls aren’t pairing off. Even Maggie Olde doesn’t use the opportunity to hit on me, which is unlike her.

This is boring.

Someone needs to save this disco.

I suppose it’s up to me to do it.

But I have never danced before. I flail my arms and legs and make it up as I go along. The school captains pick me out and make me dance on the stage for everyone to watch.

Yeah, that’s right, I lead the room and we have a blast.

Gangnam meme


I win the prize for “most original dance moves.”

And that’s how I invented the Gangnam Style. The school kids just called it the Pony Ride.



[*this blog post might have some creative license]




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