My social worker

MY social worker’s name was the Big, Fat, Hairy, Man. And these were the top 10 memorable things we did together.

1: We flew a Pokemon kite at Grassy Head beach. It was my first week in the foster home. Holding the string as the kite floated? Best feeling ever.

2: We went camping near Hat Head, where we went to a bar and sang Karaoke. I chose to sing The Gambler.

Fry2 meme

3: We sometimes played Hydro Golf in Port Macquarie. It was basically just a driving range on a dam. There were signs spread out across the dam, and if you hit a ball in a net you won the prize advertised. We played it all the time.

4: The Mini Golf games at Peppermint Park, in Port Macquarie. The best place ever! Hole 6 was evil!

You're gonna die clown meme

5: More golf, but at the Frederickton Golf Club. Golf became my favourite sport. But no clowns died in the playing of this sport.

6: My first Subway occasion! We sat on a beach. I was sceptical when he handed me the six inch pizza sub, but it was awesome!

7: The Toy World in Port Macquarie. Every Saturday a group of Pokemon card collectors would gather, trade or play. The Big, Fat, Hairy Man was rather patient, but I bet he prayed many times for a Zapdos to strike him down.

8: The bushwalking. We did a lot of the walks in national parks in the mid-north coast.

9: That time he came over for my birthday. We had a Bulbasaur ice-cream cake.

10: I think we went fishing by a river once. And we didn’t see the big sign that said NO FISHING. $5000 FINE MAXIMUM until a pissed off a kind hearted fisherman pointed it out to us.







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