Punching the principal

ONE lunchtime I thought it would be funny to push a  girl into the boy’s toilets. She shrieked the moment she was dragged over the threshold.

My friend Jason and I thought it was hilarious.

It’s silly isn’t it? How the opposite gender’s toilet has become taboo?


“But you were not making a political point. You were being a bully,” the principal said to us both as we sat in her office. She banned us from handball and confiscated my tennis ball.

“You can’t do that!” I yelled when I had to hand it over, and I did a runner.

I was almost at the staff room’s fly screen door before the principal and the deputy grabbed my arms and dragged me back to the office – as I kicked and buckled.

“No! Let me go!” I yelled from the floor. Jason’s eyes bulged.

“You can go, Jason,” the principal said as she narrowly dodged being king-hit. Another teacher called the ambulance, hoping they could get someone here in time to restrain me with medication. My foster mother was called in as well and she needed to take a taxi.


The fight ended just before my foster mother walked into the staff room.

“Come on,” she said, and guided me gently down the path and past the ambulance. We took the taxi and went home.

There were consequences to this incident, but that will be told another time.

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