Hogwarts is real

I used to believe Hogwarts existed. When I was 11 I waited for my acceptance letter so I could go to wizarding school. I wasn’t expecting the letter to be delivered by owl though. What sort of naive idiot do you think I was?

Australia Post was reliable enough, even for wizards.

Then I thought “Hey! Hogwarts is in England. Maybe there’s an Australian school. I won’t even have to get a visa.”

Hagrid meme

But the letter never came.

And I thought either Aussie Hogwarts didn’t exist, or that maybe I didn’t have traces of any magical ability at all. I actually felt a sense of rejection.

[I blame the medication I was forced to take for not telling the difference between real life and fantasy]

Fortunately Pokemon Silver on the Game Boy Colour was able to keep me preoccupied. My foster family bought these things for my birthday. I was never allowed video games at my real home. I made friends with the kids who had them. And now I had a game boy. And Pokemon! With all new pokemon! This was friggin incredible!

“What cake would you like for your birthday?” Hazel asked, and when I said “ice-cream” she made a Bulbasaur ice-cream cake with green icing. She used to be a painter, and she made me a few Pokemon pictures for my bedroom walls. My favourite was the Jigglypuff. It was hanging above my bed until I left.

All the foster family and even my social worker gathered that evening to celebrate my birthday. As soon it was over I ran into my room to try and defeat the second gym leader again for the friggin fourth time.

My friend Joel was angry at me a week later when he saw I’d concentrated on catching the old Pokemon. “It’s a new game with new Pokemon! You’re supposed to catch the new ones,” he said.

But I didn’t care.

Screw Snubbull.

Snubell meme

Screw Marrill 

Crying Marrill meme

Screw Wobbuffet.

Wobbuffet meme


Actually. Wait. Wobbuffet was awesome!





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