Boats and apologies

I WAS sad on the last day of Year 5. My best friend Joel was in the grade above. Next year he would be going to high school. This meant I’d have to be more friendly with the losers in my own year.

His school captain badge would be passed down to the sporting legend and therefore popular kid of my year, Todd. I had little to do with Todd at the time.

I spent many nights and days at Joel’s house that summer. He had a boat which meant we always floated on the dam on his property. We would paddle the boat, swim and try to touch the elusive bottom.

spiderman boat

At night we would take turns on my Game Boy Colour – before he was given a Nintendo. Then we played that all the time much to the annoyance of his mother.

One night we were shuffling through Pokemon cards and I apologised when he told me one of his cards was stolen. I offered to give him one of mine.

“It’s not your fault!” Joel said. “Don’t give away your things. You’ll regret it. Once I had a shiny Alakazam and I gave it away and I regretted it ever since.”

“I’m sorry.”

“You always apologise,” Joel said.

Heisenberg meme

“Don’t apologise! You blame yourself for things all the time.”

“Yeah I do. Sorry about that.”

And he groaned.



One thought on “Boats and apologies

  1. I have found that once a person learns to quit apologizing for things that don’t need apologies, that person becomes so much better! It’s a sign of insecurity and self-doubt so when those things are addressed, life improves so much. I’m still working on it myself lol. 🙂

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