Xmas is monopoly

CHRISTMAS is almost like a monopoly board. Do you know what I mean?


Every family has their own way to play the game. The game’s objective is the same, but some of the less important rules are different. For example, if you land on a property and you choose not to buy it, do you then auction it to other players? Does your game allow special deals where you sell a property on the condition of immunity? Is it acceptable to hide some of your money?

Mr Moneybags meme

I’m off topic.

Every Christmas my brothers and I would be given $25 to spend on the other members of the family. This amounted to $5 a person, but of course if you could find a gift for cheaper than you could add the extra cash onto the other presents. The weekend before Christmas we would usually do our shopping in Silly Sollys, a discount store.

It was harder to shop than it sounds, since Mum didn’t approve of weapons. This meant no swords, and especially no cap guns.

It meant presents were socks, balloons, any cheap knick-knack.

But not this first Christmas in a foster home. I wrote a list of suggested items for each of my foster family members and my real family. But my foster mother looked at the list and disapproved.

“In this house we buy presents that last,” Hazel said. “Something they really want.”

And I was excited when I learned I would be given money to spend about $25 a person.

There are more Christmas related posts to come, and not because this Christmas is coming up soon. It’s because these are the next memories in the order of events.

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