Foster Mum’s rival

MY FOSTER mother Hazel decides she wants to play my Pokemon Silver that she got for my birthday. “Okay,” I said.

The Gameboy Colour she gave me is yellow and is decorated by small and smiling Pikachu and Jigglypuff. It is my most prized possession. I teach her how to turn the Gameboy on and the essentials, like how to walk around and catch Pokemon and then evolve them so they can kill a lot of people.

Blastoise meme

Early in the game you meet a mysterious bad dude who steals a Pokemon from the professor. The bad dude becomes your rival throughout the game, and will pop up from time to time – usually at the end of a walk through a dangerous cave – and be all annoying like “I’d never lose to fools who babble about being nice to Pokemon.”

You get to choose his name.

I named mine “Aaron”, for my brother.

Hazel named hers “Vern.”

Vern was her ex-husband.

Pokemon board meeting



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