A Savage NYE

IT was the height of the Savage Garden phenomenon. “Oh, Savage Garden this. Oh, Affirmation that. Oh, they’re so hot.” Much of this came from my best friend’s younger sister.

Savage Garden was performing at the 2000 New Years Eve celebrations in Sydney. It was aired on TV. I remember this because I was staying at Joel’s house.

Harvey meme

My foster niece Amber, Joel and and I were in his sister’s room. It was spacious with full bookshelves which Amelia knew nothing about. To find something to do Amber searched the books.

“What’s this!” she said.

It was called The Joy of Sex and it was full of naked pictures. We examined it carefully, giggling each time the page was turned.

And then the girls decided to make me into a sexy lady. No medication was necessary.

Ralph meme

They put me in a dress, did my nails, made my hair curly and did me up in makeup. I had no issue with sexuality. All I knew of sex was what was in a book I checked out half an hour before.

I liked it. The attention is what I mean. The girls giggled as I pranced around the house.

by sodahead.com. Obviously not really me.
by sodahead.com. Obviously not really me.

NOTE: The title implies I had sex on my eleventh New Years Eve. This is not the case. For convenience sake I’ve decided to tell you this at the end of the post where its least likely to be read.

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