I’m a meme!

I WILL not be publishing any blog posts in December. I will use the month to rest. I am sure you can imagine this blog has had an emotional drain the past three months since I began.

I will use the time to catch up with reading the blogs belonging to my friends. There are many excellent posts I have not had the time to read because three blog posts a week, a full-time job as a reporter, writing my novel and a collection of short stories have occupied my time.

I’m out. Time to focus on the future.  Talk to you next year! Merry Christmas you filthy animal!

Bird man memeOh, speaking of Christmas. What do I want for Christmas?

I want this picture to become a popular meme. If you think you can use it, go to Imgflip and search for Birdman! If you have anything good, share it and I’ll put it in a post some day soon. I might even send the person who comes up with the best meme a cheap prize.

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