Chain smoking

THE rooms of the house often had the fog of smoke. I was surrounded by chain smokers. Every adult in the house loved their cigarettes.

My social worker the big, fat hairy man also partaked in the frequent death stick.

New Years Day is a good time to rethink the life apparently. Or maybe Government legislation changed. Hazel decided nobody could smoke in the house anymore. She decided she would quit.

This set a chain reaction among the repetitive smokers.

Hazel and Baz (a man who rented a shed on the property) went for the patches. They eventually managed to quit but Baz gained an enormous amount of weight.


Joe my adult foster brother gave up on the patches, started smoking again, quit again, smoked again, quit. Smoked. It was a daily decision it seemed. He tried replacing the need for nicotine with lollies. It did not work.

Unknown to everybody else, my 14-year-old foster niece Amber started smoking.


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