New crush

MY BEST friend Joel upgraded to high school, so I didn’t see him as much. But his younger sister Liz – one grade below – became a friend because we caught the same bus home.

It’s funny when you’re a kid. If you hear someone likes you, then it’s probable that you will like them back. And that’s what happened.

Liz told me she was in the girl’s toilet and she overheard someone giggle to her friend, “I’ve really got the hots for Chris.”

Her friend laughed.

Dr Evil meme

Now, Liz believed the girl who said this was Ellie, a tall pencil thin and pretty girl I would not have particularly noticed because she was never expressive, loud, or peculiar. She fitted in, and was therefore destined for high school popularity.

I never noticed Ellie before, considering I wasn’t at school that much. But I decided she was to be my crush despite basing the foundation off hearsay. Worse, hearsay that did not account for potential sarcasm or the wrong girl.

This was the first time I was to change my behaviour to impress a girl.




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