Like and Love

♥Ellie was my crush. I had to impress her.

I tell my surrogate older sister Amber I’ve the hots for someone. And she advises me. I watch movies like Cruel Intentions, listen to teen music, and learn the politics of high school.



It is ingrained into me that a boy at the lower end of the social scale has no chance with the most popular girl even if; ” there’s so much more to her” where she sees beyond face and stigma.


ten things i hate meme

I must be cool if I am to attract Ellie.

There are two groups of boys in Year 6. The “troubled loners” and “the cool kids”. I fit into the first group for several reasons. I must integrate into the other but to do that I must fit in in the classroom and in the playground.

I cannot hide in the library and read books in the breaks. I must play touch football.

I cannot spent a whole lunch break with Finchy and ‘Other-Chris’, Whitey and Al behind the demountable classroom arguing that Articuno is the best of the three legendary bird Pokemon.

I must play cricket.




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