To kill King K Rool

♠ONE of my early unsupervised access visits with Mum and the siblings didn’t go so well.

It was because I was selfish, but any time I used words like “selfish” and “useless” and “pathetic” aloud my foster family would be sympathetic.

In fact I used the words like an incantation if I felt I didn’t get enough attention.

After a while my foster mother and her daughter, and the daughter’s daughter, would snap “you know you’re not.”

I had enough Christmas money to buy Donkey Kong Country for the Game Boy Colour.

For the low, low price of $50 I could control an ape and make it jump into cannons. And stomp on giant lizards. And ride in treacherous mine carts.

Best game ever. Not counting Pokemon Silver. Or Super Mario World. Or any Commander Keen.

I bought DK early on in an access visit. Mum suggested we then go to the town pool. We were there a little while but I decided I wanted to play Donkey Kong as soon as possible.

I told her I wanted to go back home because I was sick.

Caesar meme

The visit was short and pointless. Just like this blog post. Ha ha ha.


One thought on “To kill King K Rool

  1. It was not pointless! Geez. 😛 All kids start out a bit selfish…that’s why parents teach them not to be, that’s their job. There are/were worse things to be selfish about and with all that you went through…how would you not be a bit selfish?

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