The Bitstrip Cast

♠THERE are 25 kids in my Year 6 class, with about half being boys. I mentally divided them into two groups.

Early in the year I changed from being with the loners to hanging with the cool kids. The worst thing about it was being cruel to ensure I wasn’t part of one group anymore. And yet I secretly loathed the cool kids – all but one – and would have stabbed them in the back if someone cooler showed up.

In fact, that was exactly what I did in high school and it totally backfired.

Clearly I still enjoy segregating, because even in editing this blog I’m still allowing myself to list who was in which group.

The Loners:

profile_pic (14)‘Other Chris’: Our class was divided into five separate tables, and we always sat in the same seats. Other Chris always sat next to me. He technically is only in this list because he wasn’t associated with ‘the cool kids’. I couldn’t do division and he always helped me with math because I was too embarrassed to go to the teacher for help. He used to always joke that we shared the same name. “C.Cs, you can’t get enough”, he’d say at least once a day, quoting a corn chips advertisement.

profile_pic (13)


Finchy:  A strange kid known for his stealing and lies. He was always smiling, friendly, but a little unpredictable. He already has his own blog post.



profile_pic (12)


AL: He was an albino, or at least I think he was. He had pale white skin, and blond white hair. He was quiet, sullen, and had buck teeth everybody including myself used to tease.


profile_pic (15)

Whitey: Master of the deadpan expression, he kept to himself. But he hung with the above three the most. He and I were usually grouped in the same social programs. He had a high forehead and kept his opinions to himself, usually. He was a brilliant drawer who dedicated himself to high fantasy.


profile_pic (16)Tyler: The one I hated the most because I saw him as a poser, bragger,  and try-hard trying to ingratiate himself with the cool kids.

Basically, I hated him because he copied what I was trying to do. But it was a battle to be in “the inner circle”, and there was no room for both of us. He loved karate. When he spoke about Goku he was talking about some martial artist founder, not the Dragon Ball Z hero. The cool kids called him “pig” because he was a little chubby.

The Cool Kids: 

profile_pic (17)John: The darling who became school captain. The one loved by the girls of all year levels and of course among the teachers. The women thought him cute, the men admired his sportsmanship on and off the field. “You are the most natural batsman I have seen in a long time,” one notoriously hard to please teacher, the insane Mr Guinness, said once during PE.

But John loved football. When he grew up he was going to play for Newcastle Knights. I worshipped this guy because he was a natural leader.

profile_pic (18)


Adam: He began in Year 6, and because he was athletic and judgement he was shuffled into the cool kids, but while Corey was the silent alpha male, Adam was louder and more intimidating. He had the ideas and the voice. Everyone else went along with him.


profile_pic (19)


Corey: He was Corey’s side-kick, a secretary to the club president, the appraising administrator, and the source of quiet intelligence among the group.He was Mexican. But nobody judged him for it. We were all from New South Wales so we knew how hard it was to live south of the border.


profile_pic (20)Dez: He began Year 6 the same time as Adam. He was the blond surfer stereotype with a dry sense of humour and an amazing ability to draw portraits. Once he drew Tyler, but replaced the head with a pig’s face. It was the most trouble he’d ever been in by our infamously bad tempered Irish teacher, Mr Guinness. As he roared, 23 of us burst into fits of giggles while the artist smirked.

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