Social ladder

Work on wooing my crush Ellie was slow. 

Most of it was done by playing touch footy each day. I had no experience like the other boys. I didn’t have the skill but I did have the agility to every now and then get a try. These were good times and enough to remind the popular boys that I should have the right to hang around them.

There were a few problems with not being one of the boys. I was too damn sensitive, freaking out even if one of them would point out the odd socks I was wearing.

Another problem was that we had our set classroom desks divided by the desks we worked at. My desk was with Other-Chris, Lee, and her friend Rosie. We were rather ordinary in the social scale, and not part of the groups I wanted to impress. We bonded closely with whoever we sat with.

My foster mother didn’t have a car either so social events could never happen. The girls used to go to youth group, the boys would get into all sorts of misadventures.

One of them was stupid enough to confess in our Monday journal how he and the guys threw flour bombs at a truck while standing on a bridge when hanging out. My teacher Mr Guiness read the journal entry and screamed “my son is a policeman! Imagine if I report what you just did to him!”


The boys involved had been named in the journal entry, the confessor blushing at his stupidity.

But I was jealous I wasn’t involved.


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