Vengeance for Spot

OUR male Mareema was as tall as I was when he stood up. Once he stood up leaning on my back. “Look Mum,” I shouted. “Sari is hugging me!”

“Um…” she said, and the nearby cattle owner she was talking to laughed. Because Sari had an erection.


Photo from
Photo from

Soon Sari found true love when we bought a female Mareema, Belle. They had a cute litter of eight. And Mum decided she could make a lot of money from each of them. The difficulty was she had trouble selling them. We lived so far out of town that it was hard to attract people to look at the dogs.

We used to live in a caravan park, so Mum managed to persuade the owner to come round and have a look. “We could finally get some money today,” Mum said, warning my brother Abe and I to be on our best behaviour.

Abe owned a rabbit, Spot. We converted our outdoor dunny into a large cage . I wouldn’t say Abe particularly loved that rabbit more than any other pet he had. But he was emotionally attached.

I say this because of the unfortunate timing that Belle chose to break into the cage to eat the rabbit.

The potential puppy buyer had arrived and they were saying their “hellos” and sharing cups of tea and oohing over the pups and Sari. And Abe retreated to the rabbit cage to show off his pet.

He screamed. The wire was broken into. And then Belle walked past our guests holding the bloody dead rabbit. Abe saw it. He howled with rage and picked up the metal pole we used for lightsaber battles. “I’ll kill you!” he yelled, chasing Belle over three fences; one wooden, one barbed and one electric. We could hear him roar vengeance for Spot echoing through the hills.

“So how about that puppy?” Mum asked the caravan park owner, who smiled and then reversed out the driveway as fast as she could.


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