My Birds and Bees

LUCY and Adam sitting in a tree…

They were the hottest couple in year 6. I don’t think it lasted long but there erupted something within my heart. I might have been jealous for what they had. The attention they received. Or, perhaps, it drew attention to the topic, which we all began talking about.

Sex. What was it? And how could we get it. We were 12. But that’s how it was.

The couple were too young to sleep together. Surely. But back then they seemed mature, adult, better than the rest of us. Lucy didn’t say too much except she’d seem him without his shirt on.

I had questions.

My older foster niece Amber was happy to answer. We would walk to the bus stop alone and she would tell me anything I needed to know.

Like, how did sex happen?


Until then I thought the dick stayed in while man and woman squirmed their arms around whispering “oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah baby, oh yeah. Oh yeah baby. OH GOD Yeah.”

And that was it.

TV lied again. That bastard.

Still, It seemed wrong, stupid, ridiculous that I had to move it in and out. Wouldn’t it be needlessly exhausting? The idea of sex was almost spoiled by the revelation that Amber explained.

She would tell me about her social life as well. She was seeing someone. She’d give me updates every few weeks. She told me she was sleeping with him. It’s amazing she shared this information considered I ratted out her out to her grandmother within minutes of her confessing she started smoking.

“Next time you both do it, can I watch?” I asked.

She gave me a peculiar expression.

download (11)

It was almost watchful.

The answer was no. And there wasn’t any negotiating.

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