I must see new nutters

Some break-ups aren’t with romantic partners. Sometimes they have to be with the people that made you realise life could mean something. They can show you the kite in the wind, but still they have to say goodbye.

My first kiss

SO far I’ve kissed three women. Well, the first two kisses weren’t to women. We were too young. Yeah. I don’t get out much. No way I’m telling you my

New boss in town

MY favourite restaurant in Kempsey was a place called Louis Cafe. It had the style of a 1950s American diner with early Hollywood posters on the walls. “Overpriced,” my Mum

My type of girl

MY PSYCHOLOGIST had three nipples. That’s a fun fact for you all. And now you know¬†why I bottle so much inside. How did I know my psychologist had three nipples?

Yowies and Rams

I USED to play soccer for a team called Upper Macleay Yowies. Go Yowies! Great name. With patriotic colours of green and gold. Shit team. Although a few of our